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edr is pleased to announce the publication of the Skunk City Neighborhood Master Plan

Together with the City of Syracuse Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, edr has crafted a plan to prioritize future physical improvements in the Skunk City neighborhood with the aim of alleviating existing problems and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Consistent with edr’s resource-based approach to community planning and design, this initiative examined the physical, cultural, and socioeconomic conditions that influence this small but cohesive neighborhood on Syracuse’s west side. The recommendations noted in the plan are responsive to residents’ concerns regarding neighborhood aesthetics, safety, connectivity, and amenities.

The plan is the product of much hard work on behalf of the project team, the advisory committee, and City staff.

Please see the links below to download and view the context-sensitive, forward-thinking Neighborhood Master Plan for Skunk City.

Parts I-II (PDF-6MB)
Part III (PDF-33MB)
Parts IV-V (PDF-16MB)
Appendix (PDF-1MB)